Companion Care Services

Joyfull Companion

Joyful Companionship

Caregivers provide emotional support and encouragement to stay as healthy as possible. They help you or your loved one stay mentally healthy and alert by engaging in conversation and by assisting and encouraging being as physically active as possible. Most importantly, companionship helps in decreasing isolation and helps in reducing depression from being alone – they act as a friend who listens and cares.

Transportation Errands

Transportation & Errands

Caregivers provide transportation accompanied to other care services, such as taking you or your loved to medical appointments, church, shopping, visiting a friend or family or wherever the clients errands or needs will take them. Caregivers use their own car and/or can use the client’s vehicle and are experienced in assisting the elderly getting in and out of the car safely. This service is a terrific benefit to ensuring you or your loved one remain active and enjoy an independent lifestyle.

meal prepration

Meal Preparation & Planning

Caregivers assist with and motivate meal preparation where sometimes you need the process initiated and supervised over while other times the entire meal needs to be prepared. When planning for meals, caregivers can assist in preparation of a grocery list to ensure doctor’s orders and a proper diet. They clip coupons, monitor food supplies and dispose of spoiled food.

Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

A caregiver helps to ensure their senior client takes medications as prescribed, on time and safely. Caregivers help with opening medication bottles, reading the medication’s labels and small print and reminding elder clients when to take their medicine so they can remain healthy. This careful compliance with medications is an excellent resource to make sure you or your loved ones a re not harmed by a simple accident or mistake.

Light Housekeeping

Simple Housekeeping

Caregivers empower you or your loved one to take pride in their home. From vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors and sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, taking out the trash, and tiding up all rooms. In addition, they organize closets and drawers when instructed or as needed to give you peace in mind that all your items are put away to your preference.

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