In Home Caregiving Proves Comfortable To Seniors And People Of All Ages That Need To Be Cared For

Published August 22, 2016 in In-Home Care  By  Covered Caregiver Information Desk
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In home caregiving is where a person steps in to help another by coming to their home to provide necessary care. Some people who are too old or too injured to care for themselves, find just having someone there who can offer good quality level of care, seem to do much better than those in the hospital setting. In the past, in home caregivers were hired for seniors at a stagnant rate, but now and due to the rise in the senior population, in home care is not as limited as it once was for the elderly.

One of the primary reasons in home care is recommended is because the patient may not feel comfortable in a hospital environment where disease and unsanitary conditions could possibly cause them to become ill or even worse off than they already are. Even the dreary rooms, long hallways and bland food is reason enough to desire being at home.

Some of the examples of the type of care that can be provided by a caregiver in the home are:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Bathing, personal hygiene
  • Assisting with toileting
  • Cooking their favorite meals, not hospital food
  • Keeping their house clean, bed making
  • Companionship, keeping up with the current news
  • Even assisting with their pets and their care

A suggestion to take to heart, if you need in home care, because the choices are endless, do some research by calling some of the local agencies and asking about what they provide. Most of the agencies have caring people to answer your questions with just a phone call. In fact, one of the very first questions to ask is if that agency is licensed by the State. Any caring organization that serves our Elderly will take priority and pride in conveying they are licensed.

Another option is to have a caregiving assessment done and that is where a qualified individual comes out to your home and builds a caregiving plan to fit your needs based on your living arrangements and lifestyle.   They will also be instrumental in helping to match you with the right caregiver, which can be equally as important. This individual is usually a healthcare professional with a degree in the field such as a geriatric care manager or nurse.

Depending on the type of care you need, the price can be a little high, but worth it if you’re receiving the care that helps you to recover and gives you the chance to start to live the healthier life you were used to before your illness, surgery or to help you enjoy life as you age.

If you already have a caregiver, be sure you have one that fits your needs and comfort level. Sometimes we rush into decisions and think that we’re getting the best care possible. If something doesn’t feel right, talk with the person who’s caring for you or report any issues to your family or agency you’re working with, and insist on what you need to receive from your in home caregiver.

After reading this article, our hope is that we’ve provided you with the information that will help you in your search for an in home caregiver either for yourself or someone else in your life. Simply, seeking a bit of assistance from an in-home caregiving agency will allow you to maintain the independence you are all too familiar with.