How to Shine as a Home Care Professional Aide

Published February 14, 2017 in In-Home Care  By  Covered Caregiver Information Desk
Home care professionals

Being a home care aide is a very important task and at times can be extremely challenging.  Too many times we hear complaints about the caregiver.  It is essential that the home care aide possess a few pertinent skills to be the best for their client.  Listed below are a few skills a home care professional aide should possess in order to be the best in the home caregiving service industry:

  • Patience and Compassion – When providing in home care, the caregiver should demonstrate patience and compassion during every interaction with their client.  As your senior companion’s health starts to deteriorate, many seniors have a hard time accepting their declining state of health and losing their independence and dignity.  During this time, your senior companion may become frustrated and easily agitated.  As a caregiver when we demonstrate patience and compassion we are showing our elderly companion that we understand how difficult this can be for them and we can aide in easing their mind of their lack of independence and helping maintain their dignity.  It is important to uplift our senior companions and ensure them that we genuinely care for them and have their best interest in mind.


  • Taking your Time – Taking your time with your senior companion is very similar to the task of being patient.  Some of the tasks the home care aide provides will consist of assisting their senior companion in the transferring from wheelchair to bed or toilet, walking from one room to another.  When providing caregiving services, it is important that we take our time and not rush through these tasks, as this could result in falls that commonly happen with the elderly or furthermore a severe injury could occur.  Light to heavy housekeeping may be included in a caregiver’s tasks.  The caregiver will usually have a set shift, so the hours remain the same regardless of the tasks being completed during that shift.  By taking your time with each task involved your elderly client, you will avoid any mistakes that could result in injury.


  • Friendly Demeanor – We all have good and bad days.  Any of your personal issues or troubles should remain outside of the workplace.  This can sometimes be difficult, but it is pertinent to find a way to leave any negativity outside of the workplace.  When an in home care aide provider is unhappy, they risk being unprofessional as well as the potential to make mistakes.  As home care aides, it is our responsibility to provide the most comfortable and safe environment possible for our senior companions.  Some of our senior companions may not have family that visit or spend much time with them and you are one of the few people they get to interact with on a regular basis. This being said, when your senior companion sees your smile and friendly demeanor, this could go a long way and change the entire energy for the day into a much more positive working environment for you both. Everyone enjoys a friendly, happy smiling face!
  • Professionalism – As an in home care aide you usually become extremely close with your senior companion.  They may confide in you with some very personal matters.  It is essential to still remain professional.  Which includes showing up to work on time, using good manners, keeping that friendly demeanor and dressing appropriately.  Remember, many of our senior companions come from a time where things were much more conservative than they are today.


  • Get to Know Your Clients – Understand that we all have different personality traits.  Knowing your senior companion’s likes and dislikes is essential in making for a smooth working atmosphere.  By knowing what makes them happy and unhappy we can avoid any agitation.  By knowing what makes them happy, we may be able to turn around a sour circumstance to a much more pleasant one.


Keeping these tips in mind, we can provide a much more positive working environment for both the in home care aide as well as the senior companion and making this the best experience in the home care service industry.