Home Care Services – What You Should Ask

Published July 6, 2015 in Caregiving  By  Covered Caregiver Information Desk
Home Care Services

Want home care services, but might find it hard to choose which one is the best provider?

Are you having trouble dealing with your daily household tasks?

Or, suffering from a prolonged disease?

You might consider hiring a home care service agency or a personal care provider who can help you with everyday chores including cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. There isn’t any doubt that they are best in their field, but it is very important for you to know which questions you should ask before hiring in order to get quality care.

Simply ask these questions.

When considering a home care services agency:

  • Ask if their employees are screened?
  • Ask for proof. For instance, get doctor names or the discharge plan from the hospital.
  • What is the process of training the staff? And how it is upgraded with time?
  • Ask if the caregiver is insured?
  • Ask from references about caregiver’s behavior?
  • Ask for the fees and its details about how this cost is utilized for the agency?
  • Ask if the fees can be covered by your health insurance?
  • Ask about if they have flexible payment methods or offer financial support?

When considering a home health aide:

  • Ask for credentials or license?
  • Ask for references at least from two previous employers?
  • Ask from previous references about their attitude? Were they comfortable?
  • Ask if the fees and the services included are justified?
  • Ask if they charge extra for holidays?

After deciding with whom you want the home care services whether an agency or a personal provider, further investigate for the following:

  • Ask for a written care plan including all information about medical equipment, doctor’s input, etc. which will be updated throughout the service time.
  • How long it takes to start the home care service?
  • Ask about the procedures taken in the case of an emergency including power failure or natural disaster?
  • Whom should you report any kind of question, problem or complaint?

When the home care service begins, it is necessary for you to monitor it. If you recognize any kind of lack in the service provided or if you are not satisfied with the service, contact the agency or release the provider.