Does your Loved One Need 24-Hour Home Care?

Published May 5, 2016 in Caregiving  By  Covered Caregiver Information Desk
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While your loved one ages, they may prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home, rather than moving to a nursing home. You may want to help them retain their independence and live in a familiar environment as long as possible. Hiring a caregiver is the best solution to giving them what they want, while providing the assistance they need.

Your loved one may be hesitant to ask for help since they have been independent their whole life, but with your encouragement they can receive the help they need. Once they feel comfortable with the caregiver, it will become easier for them to continue their normal life. Now they have someone there to help them with daily tasks which may have been too difficult to be performed on their own.

How do you know if your loved one needs home care, especially 24-hour home care?

Listed below are the 7 top reasons to acquire 24-hour home care for your loved one and will help in determine the best method of care.

  1. Dementia or Alzheimer’s Patients

Sometimes loved ones live alone and show signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s which is an all too common recipe for a dangerous situation. A caregiver can help with tasks that your loved one no longer remembers how to perform such as light housekeeping, cooking, etc. A caregiver can stay with your loved one so that they won’t wander outside and get lost.

  1. Physical Limitations or Difficulty Walking

If you or our elderly parent has a difficult time walking or needs a wheelchair to get around, then a 24-hour caregiver is a necessity. A caregiver will help them get from one place to the next, whether it’s throughout the home or the afternoon’s doctor appointment. Some other tasks the caregiver perform such as assisting to the restroom or supplying extra pillows in the bed to will make certain you are comfortable at all times.

  1. Transitional Care

Your loved one maybe returning home from the hospital after surgery and will need extra attention. A caregiver is there to ensure their road to recovery is accomplished and includes responsibilities such as medication management, helping with household tasks, helping with transportation, and speaking with their doctor, etc.

  1. Safety

Falls are the most common dangerous injury that seniors experience. With a 24-hour caregiver in the home, they can watch for any hazards that could cause a fall such as a wet floor, turned up corner of a rug, or any other obstacle on the floor. Caregivers will not only help prevent falls, but will be there if a fall occurs; so they can provide help and call for an ambulance, if needed.

  1. Companionship

Living alone for your parent can become very difficult on them. A huge benefit to help your loved one avoid depression, is having a caregiver to provide companionship. They will partake in activities that your loved one enjoys such as accompanying them on walks, going to the park or store, exercise classes, cooking, playing games or hobbies, and chatting with them.

  1. Inability to Drive

Seniors can become frustrated if they are no longer able to drive. If they want to keep their independence and go places, having a caregiver to take them on their daily errands, visit family, or go to senior centers for activities will help ease their frustration.

  1. A Place for Your Loved One is Their Own Home

Having to move your parents to a nursing home can be very hard, not only for you, but for them as well. For most seniors, being able to stay at home is important and much more desirable. By hiring a caregiver, you can give your loved one the comfort and security of being able to live at home.

These are just a few examples of the wonderful benefits home care can provide. With this information we are confident you will be able to determine whether 24 hour home care or simply home care services are the best fit for you or your parent. If you are still concerned with which service route would be best suited for you or your loved one, we would love the opportunity to address and answer any of your questions pertaining to home care.